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Why join ECFD?

The European Confederation of Fuel Distributors (ECFD) is the umbrella association of the federations of heating oil distributors in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and of the independent petrol station owners of Austria, Belgium, France and Germany.


The mission of ECFD is to defend the interests of its members at European level, safeguarding the independence, resilience and profitability of businesses supplying petroleum products for households and motorists of the European Union. ECFD members are mainly small and medium-sized, often family-owned, companies.


Join ECFD to have your voice heard at EU level, to participate in the legislative debate, to bring your expertise to the EU doorstep and to exchange ideas with your peers.



EU policy and legislation is shaped by three institutions: The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers representing the Member States. ECFD is working closely with these European institutions on relevant legislative proposals. ECFD is the united voice of the business sector.


The influence of the Confederation grows as its membership list expands. ECFD has an extensive knowledge of the industry itself and can access data swiftly.


Coalition building


ECFD seeks to form coalitions with other relevant industries to maximize its impact at the European level.




ECFD membership gives access to colleagues’ knowledge base from across the EU on variety of topics. The Confederation serves as an open forum to exchange ideas among industry experts.




The Confederation representatives participate in relevant European Commission’s expert groups, providing technical and regulatory matters input to policy-makers. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the EU debate and bring your expertise to the table.




ECFD endeavours to be up to date on matters relevant to the industry and provides regular updates to its members.




In addition, a quarterly newsletter provides members with relevant information on an array of EU developments and important future legislative milestones. It is available in different languages.