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The European Confederation of Fuel Distributors (ECFD) is the umbrella association of the federations of heating oil distributors in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and independent petrol station owners of Austria, Belgium, France and Germany. Its mission is to defend the interests of its members at European level safeguarding the independence, resilience and profitability of businesses supplying petroleum products for households and motorists of the European Union. ECFD members are mainly small and medium-sized, often family-owned, companies.


ECFD’s mission includes active advocacy work towards the European institutions supported by communication activities.


ECFD in detail

Heating oil and fuel distributors

Striving to meet the daily needs of the European consumer, ECFD represents heating oil and fuel distributors.


As such, the Confederation represents the interests of 10,000 distributors of petroleum products: domestic heating oil, kerosene, petrol, diesel, gasoil, liquefied petroleum gas (butane, propane, LPG).  Heating oil occupies a prominent place with a distribution of several tens of millions of oil to consumers including private households, commercial, agricultural and marine businesses, industry and public sector operations. Our distributors also manage and supply fuels used in agricultural machinery, shipping and public sector works as well as road diesel directly to individual road hauliers.


Our family-owned SMEs supply from the refineries, terminals and their own storage to their customers’ tanks. 


Although demand can spike during crises, the flexibility, local knowledge and resources of ECFD members assure uninterrupted delivery of fuel to their customers, even to those most isolated and needy.


Independent petrol station owners

More than 7,000 independent petrol station owners’ interests are represented by ECFD, ensuring that demands of petrol products retailers are heard at the EU level.


With an average of 60% of the independent petrol stations being family-owned, ECFD members supply a broad range of conventional fuels, biofuels, LPG and CNG.


In addition, our members own convenience retail outlets and motorway service areas providing a range of products and services to European consumers.


ECFD and the environment

In addition to meeting consumer demand, we at the ECFD are acutely aware of our role in protecting the environment.  We promote energy efficient systems, such as thermal insulation and condensing boilers, to our customers as well as complementary renewable energy sources, e.g. solar, wind, wood and biofuels. In addition, we support alternative fuels for transport where demand and supply meet, providing for effective business cases. We feel this goes some way to help tackling the major challenges of climate change, improving air quality, reduction of CO2 emissions, security of supply, energy efficiency and the competitiveness of the European industry.


To ensure security of supply, the ECFD advocates for an energy mix within a competitive market and a non-discriminatory EU energy policy.